Change These 3 Things That Hold You Back From Success

However you decide to define what success means to you, the fact is that success has to be built upon certain foundations. If your foundations aren’t stable enough, the path you’ll be on towards success will crumble beneath you before you even start the journey.

So, you wonder how to ensure that your path is built on a stable and secure foundation? Here’s how:

Emphasizing The Outcomes

You put too much focus into everything that could happen. Now, you know that I’m not talking about thinking about the good things that happen, because none of us do that very often. Instead we seem to “prepare” ourselves for the worst, and constantly think about all of the worst things that could happen. Focusing on these thoughts is holding you back from focusing on taking the needed action to make sure that the results don’t become as bad as you conjured up in your mind.

Stop overthinking everything that could go wrong, and start thinking about everything that could go right. Take things one step at a time, and stop jumping to conclusions in your own mind.

Money Seems To Always Be A Problem

Waiting around for a financially ideal situation to go and do something, you’ll end up waiting for the rest of your life. Nothing will ever be ideal. There is no such thing as ideal. Millionaires don’t consider their own situation as ideal, they have bigger bills to pay, investments to look after and at the end of the month they still have to think about what’s next. Their stakes are higher. So, if you honestly think that you’ll never have any problems again if you become rich, you’re in for some disappointment.

Stop using money or the lack of it to not go out and do things. Money is just a tool, no matter how much of it you have or not it should never define what you do or how you feel. Some things need money to work, but not everything and nothing is stopping you from making more money to make up for the things that you lack and want.

If You Fail, That’s It, Right?

No! You’ve been perceiving failure the wrong way the whole time. You give your time and effort, and things don’t work out: you fail and feel horrible about it. So, you accept the fact and move on? Well, that’s exactly where your problem is. You have accepted failure as your end result, while it’s never an end result. Failure is not an outcome; failure is something that happens sometimes along the way to success.

You have what it takes to change these things that have been holding you back. You may fail in your first attempt at them, but so what? That won’t mean that it’s the end of you trying, it’s only the beginning. Change is inevitable, so it’s your choice if you want to control the changes and push them towards something bigger and better.

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