What Happens When You Face Up To Your Fears?

Think about your biggest fears. Focus on them for a moment and let the panic take over. I know most of you won’t do this. That’s okay. You don’t have to do it right away. I know it sounds crazy to purposely think about things that make you panic or cause you anxiety, but those feelings are what it feels like to face up to your fears.

Facing up to them won’t be the most enjoyable thing you’ve ever experienced. But you’re going to have to at some point. Whether your fears are in your mind because of something that has happened before, or your fears revolve around taking a certain action towards something. Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. No one is immune to it, we all feel it. We all have fears and things that creep up on us at night before we go to bed, the things that sometimes keep us up all night worrying. As kids we were afraid of the dark, as adults we’ve taken that fear of the unknown and applied it to almost everything that has happened to us or is yet to happen.

So when will we leave our figurative fear of the dark behind us? How long will it take for us to acknowledge that when it’s dark, all we need to do is turn the light on?

The unknown is daunting. Just think about it, what has already happened to us isn’t as scary as what hasn’t. Fears make us feel uncomfortable, but if you manage to somehow just get comfortable with the uneasy feeling that fears give to us – we are on the right path. Some fears will never go away; some will stick with us. It’s not about getting rid of them, because you won’t always be able to do this, but about facing up to them in spite of the uneasiness that they cause.

When you grow yourself a thicker skin, your fears don’t stand a chance against you. Courage has nothing to do with not ever having fears, but having them and still going right towards them. If you are afraid you’ll fail at something, try it out anyway, you never know – you just might prove yourself wrong and succeed. If you’re afraid you’ll make the wrong decision about something, go ahead and make the wrong decision. Next time you’ll make the right one because each wrong decision teaches us how to make better ones.

Successful people have made many wrong decisions. Possibly more than you and I together. That’s what makes them so successful.

Face up to your fears, don’t let them control your life anymore. What do you have to lose but limits?

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